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Humic Acid NPK 19-19-19 Water Soluble Fertilizer
Humic Acid NPK 19-19-19 Water Soluble Fertilizer
  • Humic Acid NPK 19-19-19 Water Soluble Fertilizer

Humic Acid NPK 19-19-19 Water Soluble Fertilizer

  • Humic acid+19-19-19+TE
  • Humic acid: 3%
  • Package: 10kg or 25kg per bag package

Agriculture Use Humic Acid NPK 19-19-19 Water Soluble Fertilizer


By combining natural mineral humic acid with dozens of inorganic nutrients, it keeps a well-balanced nutrition and enhances

biological activity and load characteristics.

It contains benzene ring structural compound.

It can increase the soil capacity to retain water and fertilizer, and enhance the vigor of microorganism in root area.

It can improve soil condition damaged by continuous cropping barrier and play a positive role in the development of root,

stem and leaves.

Various formulations are suitable for all types of plants at any growth stage.

Certificate of Analysis:

Product Name HA+19-19-19+TE


Humic Acid 3%
N 19.0%
P2O5 19.0%
K2O 19.0%
Fe 0.02%
Zn 0.05%
pH value 5.5-7.5


Application methods:

  • It can be applied in different growth period;
  • Drip irrigation: Apply 15kg-37.5Kg per Hectare every 7-10 days.
  • It can replace normal compound fertilizer and increase absorption significantly
  • The amount and rates should be adjusted according to the local climate, soil fertility, crops and other conditions.
  • It is compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers except those strong alkaline pesticides. It is highly recommended to
  • conduct a miscibility test on a small sample before mixing with other pesticides or fertilizers.


Food crops Such as rice, wheat, corn, soybeans, etc.
Vegetables Such as tomato, pepper, cucumber, pumpkin, carrot, potato, garlic, onion, leaf vegetables, etc.
Fruits Such as apple, orange, banana, grape, blueberry,strawberry, cherry,watermelon,various melons , etc.
Garden crops Such as lily, rose,various flowers, green dill, garden lawns,etc.
Economic crops Such as tobacco, cocoa, tea, cotton, sugar cane, flax, rape,etc.
Herbal crops Such as ginseng, atractylodes, poppy, cinnamon, etc.