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Bacillus Subtilis
Bacillus Subtilis
  • Bacillus Subtilis
  • Bacillus Subtilis

Bacillus Subtilis

Bacillus Subtilis


Bacillus subtilis (B. subtilis for short) is most widely used probiotic in bio-fertilizer.

It is easy to apply with a specificfertilizing effect and works by colonizing the roots of the plants.

Enzyme production facilitates nutrient solubilization, uptake, and utilization in the plant.

Product Function

  • Inhibit pathogenic bacteria: productionsubtilin, polymyxin, gramicidin and otheractive substances to suppress and reduce disease in the soil plant.
  • Boost seed budding rate and seedling rate: prevent seed genetic disease, promote root growth, improve plant survival rate.
  • Improve harvest quality and yield: promote plant growing mature, reduce cost, increase yield and income.
  • Improve soil conditions: improve soil crumb structure, boost soil water and energy storageand temperature, release continuous cropping hindrance.
  • Maximize return from fertilizer applications: promote the decomposition of organic matter into humus, increase organic matter management, improve the effectiveness.
Specification Strains Total Effective Living Bacterium CFU/g
BS100 Bacillus Subtilis 10 billion (1.0 X 1010)
BS200 Bacillus Subtilis 20 billion (2.0 X 1010)
BS500 Bacillus Subtilis 50 billion (5.0 X 1010)
BS1000 Bacillus Subtilis 100 billion (1.0 X 1011)
BS2000 Bacillus Subtilis 200 billion (2.0 X 1011)

Application Rates

Organic fertilizer fermentation: 20 g / ton for general.

Bio-organic fertilizer formulation: 1000-5000g for 1ton organic fertilizer or according to product

standards performed.

Agricultural inoculant: 30-60g per acre in diluting with 500 times of water for soil irrigation directly

(apply it every 7-10 days for 3-4 times).

Note: The dosage what is said above is based on BS1000. Other products can be converted

according to the content of CFU.